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It was inspiring to see how much work was achieved in such a short period. The course highlighted that with steady mentoring, and a focused goal, improvement can be made across the spectrum of business levels. Each business engaged well with their Sustainable Development Goals and chosen actions, and 100% pledged to include more in the future, this is progress. 


From the results and comment throughout the presentations, it was evident that everyone received tremendous support and advice throughout the process.


The program is a valuable initiative that will improve and differentiate the businesses into the future, creating a more sustainable business, increased profit and a unique selling point that will be invaluable in their marketing efforts.

Tipperary County Council

Local Enterprise Office

Sustainable Development Goals & The Circular Economy Training

Grow Your Business & Grasp Opportunity

The Sustainable Development Goals are a challenge and an opportunity for business. All 17 have a relevance to the value chain of your business directly or as part of your community.

Your community of suppliers, customers and co-workers all benefit from their implementation. Either through cutting costs from waste up stream or down stream, enhancing the value of your offering to engagement across the workplace.

Sustainable Development Goals cross cut with actions influencing each other. They are not to be feared but embraced as a solution to solving costs, product differentiation and matching customer expectations. These solutions are easily delivered through Circular Economy Business Models

EarthRoute Training in understanding the Goals and recognising opportunities for your business. Our Mentoring to decision makers allows for the delivering of these solutions across your business.

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